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Dana Grimes #31

Dana T. Grimes was born in Washington, D.C. to the late Clarence and Fannie Grimes.  He grew up in D.C. and attended the public schools in the district.  He is the elder brother of Clarence, Jr., Fanada, and Charles.

His family moved to Alexandria, where his mother had been raised and his father had settled with his twin brother Charles after serving in World War II.  Dana went on to start at running back for the T.C. Williams Junior Varsity Football Team, his sophomore year.  Two star players Johnny Peques and Bo Williams encouraged him to continue to play football.  He also started for the JV baseball team for Coach John Cockey.

Dana was in awe when Alexandria decided to go to the one High School format.  He thought he would never be able to start or even get to play much on a team with so many superstars.  To his surprise Coach Boone made it perfectly clear he would not cut any players and those who remained would play and could letter even just playing on special teams.  That was where Dana and many other not superstar status teammates excelled.

His most memorable moment was in the District Championship game against Wakefield, when he and his special team teammates returned a perfect fake reverse punt for a 56-yard touchdown return, which put T.C. in command of the game, which they won convincingly.

Dana went on to Howard University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical Education.  He was planning to come back to T.C. to teach and to coach like his mentor Herman Boone.

He substituted in the Alexandria School System for 5 years, but could not get on board as a teacher because none of the current ones thought about leaving such a prestigious position. 

Dana married Dorothy Carr, the daughter of Eugene and Cleo Carr of Charlottesville, Virginia.  She was his High School sweetheart.  They are the proud parents of twin gifts from God, Ason, Atiba and a daughter Patrice.

Dana went to work for Safeway, where he has worked now for 21 years.  He was hired in March 1979 and has continued to enjoy greeting and talking with customers about that 71 Titan team.  He is a food clerk as well as Dairy Department manager.

Dana and Dorothy were called into the Pastoral Ministry in January 2000.  God has put his stamp of approval on this tag-team ministry which is named Double Portion Spirited Ministries.  The ministry is focused on families and they preach and teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding in such a way that anyone can understand and become doers of the Word of God.

They minister to a multi-cultural and ethnic congregation.  Interracial families and different cultural groups from all over the world come to worship and Praise God.

In looking over Dana’s life, it is realized that God has a plan for him which started at T.C. Williams High School on this integrated team of superstars and specialists with no real superstar status.  He was taught by Coach Boone to communicate with his teammates of a different skin color and find out about their lives.  Which he has done and it has paid off as a great blessing because in his and his wife’s sermons they can expand on the Word of God in such a way o restore family relations as well as youth conflicts.  Within the family, neighbors and co-workers are blessed by their ministry.  God’s plan is ever so sweet and shall be fulfilled in the life of Dana T. Grimes.


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