1971 Original Titans Scholarship Award Program

Our Very Own Titan Coach Herman Boone has been Inducted into the D.C. 2020 Sports Hall of Fame!!

The 2020 Scholarship Winner is Ms. Maijlis Walker!! Congratulations Miss Walker on winning the '71 Original Titans Scholarship!! Best Wishes to You!!!

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The '71 Original Titans Foundation Scholarships
2020 Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations Maijlis Walker!
Good Job!

The '71 Original Titan Foundation, established by the Coaches, Players, and Cheerleaders from the 1971 Virginia AAA State Champion Varsity Football Team of T. C. Williams High School, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping High School Students pursue post-secondary education.

As a Named Scholarship of the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, since 2002, the 71 Original Titans Foundation provides educational support to eligible seniors from T.C. Williams High School in the form of a renewable grant for four years.

Post-secondary education is critical to the development and growth of our community. Many students have the potential to excel academically, but lack the resources to pursue higher education. Providing this support the '71 Original Titan Foundation is helping the community grow through the better education of its' young people.

The Foundation is looking to raise $25,000, so we can:

  1. Keep the scholarship program going;
  2. Help expand it so we can give a scholarship to more than one student per year;
  3. Make the scholarship amount bigger.

How to Make a Contribution:

Donate directly via Pay Pal:

Send Check payable to the '71 Original Titans' at:

'71 Original Titans
P.O Box 1608
Alexandria, Virginia 22313


Printable Scholarship Info Pamphlet

Note: Scholarship fund donations need to go directly to the "Scholarship Fund of Alexandria" with a note in the memo section that the funds are for the 1971 Titan Foundation Named Scholarship.

Past Scholarship Recipients
2002 Sch Awardee Mr. Franklyn H. Beckley

2003 Sch Awardee Mr. Ronnie L. Anderson, Jr. (Photo Below)

2004 Sch Awardee Mr. Dean Muhtadi (Photo Below)

2005 Sch Awardee Mr. Ahmed O. Dorghoud (Photo Below)

2006 Sch Awardee Mr. Brian S. Hill

2007 Sch Awardee Mr. Juan C. Aguilar (Photo Below)

2008 Sch Awardee Mr. Aaron M. Wilson

2009 Sch Awardee Mr. Dennis R. Lazo-Alvarado

2010 Sch Awardee Mr. Charles E. Garner

2011 Sch Awardee Mr. Benjamin P. Bilodeau

2012 Sch Awardee Mr. Jose A. Urrutia

2013 Sch Awardee Mr. Thomas P. Callahan

2014 Sch Awardee Mr. Stephen Lockett

2015 Sch Awardee Ms. Ana Diaz Casos

2016 Sch Awardee Ms. Ishrat Azim

2017 Sch Awardee Mr. Evan William

Sch Awardee Fara Islam
Visit this page to see Ms. Islam on the bottom right

2019 Sch Awardee Tanzim Al Muhtasin

2020 Sch Awardee Maijlis Walker

How to contact the Alexandria Scholarship Fund:


Tel: 703.824.6730

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria is a fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, I private nonprofit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization.

The Titan Foundation is a private nonprofit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization. Current financial statements are available through the Scholarship Fund or the Titan Foundation.

Foundation's Officers:
Wayne Sanders, President
Warren Robinson, Vice President
Julius Campbell, Vice President
Michael Lynch, Treasurer

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