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T.C. Williams will host its first night football game on Friday night; [Opens to new window]

Titans in Greensboro
;[Opens to new window]

Remembering the Titans; Source: Census Counterparts [Opens to new window; Click on article to enlarge; (pdf)]

Remember the Real Titans; Source: Sports Illustrated Kids [Opens to new window; (pdf)]

Historical information from www.AwesomeStories.web

Bill Yoast website [Opens to new window]

Reel Life: Remember the Titans; Source: ESPN Page 2[Opens to new window]

Reel Faces: Remember the Titans; Source: Chasing the Frog
[Opens to new window]

Bill Yoast Facts; Source: Freebase.com[Opens to new window]

”Remember the Titans” Coach “Doc” Hines Remembers the Titans; Source: The Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal News[Opens to new window; (pdf)]

Herman Boone; Source: Wikipedia [Opens to new window]

Never, Never Forget the Titans; Source: CBS Sports [Opens to new window]

Scoring Race Goes to the Wire; Source: Alexandria Gazette [Opens to new window; (pdf)]

Nine in Alexandria Are Integrated; Source: New York Times [Opens to new window; (pdf)]

Alexandria Studies Pupil Assignment Plan For Use in Local Schools; Source: Alexandria Journal

That Championship Season by Tim Warren, Source: Washingtonian
Cover, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7
[Opens to new window; (jpg files); Click on article to enlarge]


Remember the Titans Reviews; Source: Rotten Tomatoes [Opens to new window]

Remember the Titans Review; Source: Answer.com [Opens to new window]

Remember the Titans Review; Source: Yahoo.com [Opens to new window]

Remember the Titans Review; Source: IMDB [Opens to new window]


Trevor Rabin, writer of instrumental "Titan Spirit" from Remember the Titans [Opens to new window]

Great Rousing Sport Music; Source: Movie-Wave.net[Opens to new window]


Group Case: Investigating Leadership, Herman Boone [Opens to new window; (pdf)]


Titan Back; Source: Washington City Paper [Opens to new window; (pdf)]

Sport Shots; Source: Alexandria Gazette [Opens to new window; (pdf)]


Original Titans Visit Woodberry; Source: Woodberry.com [Opens to new window]

Fort Hill High School Visit; Source: Cumberland Times [Opens to new window]

Titans help Manchester students raise money for West African school; Souce: Richmond Times Dispatch [Opens to new window]

Titans to Visit VCU Medical Center; Source: VCU.com [Opens to new window]


Letter to parents from Herman Boone, August 20, 1971

Letter to Team to Report 1

Letter to Report 2

Letter to Report 3

Exercise and Drills

Ms. McCallion's Eighth Grade Middle School

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