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Larry Huffman #27

Larry Huffman was born in the small southwestern Virginia town of Abingdon on July 3, 1953.  His parents, Earnest Lee and the late Violet Jean Huffman, moved the young family to the southeastern section of Washington, DC shortly after Larry’s birth.  From there, they moved to Alexandria, Virginia where Larry began his school career at Douglas MacArthur elementary school.  The family grew to include a sister, Sandra Kay, and a brother, Randall Scott.

During Larry’s elementary school years, the Huffman family lived in Chinquapin residential community, which is now a park adjacent to the T.C. Williams High School.  At that time, construction was just beginning on the new high school.  Larry and his friends played and watched as the new T. C. Williams high school sprang into being in his backyard.

Larry went to Minnie Howard Middle School for two years.  Like many of his friends, this is where he first became interested in football.  In September of 1968, Larry began high school at T. C. Williams and immediately went out for the football team.  He received letters in football for all four of his years at T. C. Williams.  In his senior year, the neighboring high schools of George Washington and Hammond were merged with T. C. Williams to form one large, integrated school.  That, of course, was the “perfect year”.

After completing school, Larry began working for the railroad with his father.  He met and married his first wife who bore him a daughter, Shelby Jean Huffman.   Larry eventually moved to, and began working for, the Parliaments Apartments in Annandale, Virginia.  At the Parliaments, he has continued taking classes and has worked through the ranks of maintenance technician and maintenance supervisor to become a chief boiler mechanic.

Larry is currently married to Judith Kay Huffman and has a son Robert Lee Huffman.  He and his family reside in Falls Church, Virginia.

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