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Leroy Monk Davis #20

Born to Carrie and Andrew Davis, Sr. in Alexandria, Virginia in 1955. The fourth of five boys. Lee was a very sickly baby, which really concerned his parents. He was blessed to out grow his illness and became a very active young man.

Neither his Mother nor Dad finished middle school. His Mother worked as a house-keeper at hotels and his Dad worked with the sanitation department on Fort Belvoir Military base. Both parents were making minimum wages.

Lee worked through school to help out. He had a paper route when he was 12 years old and his first job at 13 years old making $1.25 / hour washing dishes at a local restaurant. He did not look for anyone to give him anything. He had to earn it.

His was a loving family with little resources living within the housing projects of Alexandria, known as the “Berge”. He grew up knowing very little outside the local neighborhood and area. This was the world, as he knew it.

He loved school and was very fond of math. Lee was always an Honor Student and excelled in his studies. He enjoyed all sports but was average compared to the others in the neighborhood i.e. Earl (the Pearl) Cook, Mousie, Lion Face, Kenny Hawk etc. He worked very hard (on the courts and fields) all night to compete with these guys. His work ethic in football earned him a starting position on T.C. Williams’s varsity football team. Several players who did not start may have been more athletic but not as hard a worker.

His balance of sports and academics definitely paid off in terms of opening doors. Coach Herman Boone exposed him to Duke University and the opportunities beyond the housing projects for which he will always be indebted. (Coach Boone saw something in him). Lee earned an academic scholarship to Duke University that covered his tuition. Lee walked on the Duke Football Team and earned a full scholarship from his work ethic on the field.

Lee wanted to be a math teacher and coach. His academic advisor at Duke told him of the many opportunities available to Blacks in Accounting and Business. Lee decided to major in Accounting and was very excited about the business world. Lee completed his Business/Accounting major at Duke with a “B” average. After graduating from Duke, Lee took his first job as a Cost Accountant with a pharmaceutical company; American Hospital Supply in Georgia making more money per year than his Dad ever earned. (He provides for his Mom and Dad financially because they are special to him). Lee attended Mercer University at night to work on his Master’s Degree in Business.

Lee is currently employed with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Glaxo Wellcome where he is the US Research & Genetics, Financial Manager who oversees an annual budget of over 125 million dollars. He has been with the company the last 14 years.

Lee is married to the lovely and adorable Scarlette Carter, graduate of T.C. Williams. They have known each other since 8th grade but did not communicate after graduation until the 10-year high school reunion. They married a year later and are the proud parents of 3 sons-Chris, Aarion and Capp. A God centered family who loves and respects each other.

Lee is very active in his community and church where he serves as a deacon, treasurer, youth advisor, and Sunday school teacher. He just loves life and thanks God everyday for his many blessings. Lee’s future plans are to continue working with the youth, maybe some coaching and to be financially independent with his own business. In addition he would like to support and encourage our youth to be the best that they can be. He will continue to encourage his siblings to keep striving in life to achieve their goals.

Academics Achievements:

First grade teacher Mrs. Watts inspired him to learn and love school
National Honor Society
Who’s Who Among American High School Students
Graduate of T.C. Williams High School of Alexandria, Virginia
Academic Scholarship to Duke University of Durham, North Carolina
Majored in Accounting at Duke University
Attended Graduate School at Mercer University of Macon, Georgia

Athletic Achievements:

Lettermen in High School
Starting cornerback on National Championship Team
Co-Leader of team in interceptions (5)
All City
All District
All Regional 

Earned Football Scholarship at Duke University
Lettered at Duke in Football
Attended Duke with and competed against his high school team mate and best friend, Earl Cook for starting position
Work ethic from Dad (he worked all the time and never saw Lee play - gave Lee his jersey (#20) for the 25 year anniversary of championship team -what a surprise for Lee)
Prayed every night before a game that no one would catch a pass over him for a touchdown. (only 1 in high school career)

Team Achievements:

The championship team had a divine purpose, which is the reason we are still talked about, 30 years later.
Everlasting friendships and brotherhood
So proud to be a Titan

Volunteer Community Activities:

Treasurer, Executive Board of North Carolina Association of Biomedical Research
Treasurer, Wake Chapel Church
Advisory Board of New Beginnings Transitional Housing Program for Women and Women with children
National Association of Accountants

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