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Michael Hopson #84

Michael was born On November 8, 1955 in Alexandria, VA, the 4th child of Joan Hopson. With his mom as one of his biggest fans, he made his entrance to the playing fields of the VA Dept. of Recreation in football, baseball, and basketball.

Michael was educated in the Alexandria Public School System. He attended Lyles Crouch Elementary School, Minnie Howard Middle School, F.C. Hammond Jr. High School, and last and more importantly, he attended T. C. Williams High School and became a "Titan." Michael played the position of tight end #84 as one of the two sophomore members of the undefeated 1971 Titans. This was a testament to his athletic abilities. Because of his age, Big Mike was unable to hang out late with his brother (Derrick #11) and the other guys on the team to enjoy all the fruits of their glory. He attributes much of his inspiration and desire as a member of the team to his Physical Education teacher and coach, Coach Paul Hines. Michael graduated in June of 1973 and later attended the University of Richmond where he majored in "Sports and Recreation."

After leaving the Univ. of Richmond, Michael began working as a Recreation Staff Supervisor for the City of Alexandria. He also worked in the recreation department of John Adams Elementary School. During this time Michael met and married the mother of what he considers to be his best effort, his four children. Travis, Kaylen, Amanda, and Chelsea each followed their dad's love for athletics by playing football and soccer.

In 1979 Michael began working for the United States Postal Service where he is still employed. In six short years Michael worked his way up the ladder from Mail Carrier/Clerk to the management position he now holds in McLean, VA.

When asked what he most remembers or cherishes about his time as a "Titan," Michael says he learned the value of friendship, teamwork, the importance of always giving 100%, appreciation for the differences in people, and to accept people as they are and for whom they are. Michael is happy that he developed these lifetime relationships. The guys keep in contact as much as possible.

What Michael wants from this reunion of the original Titans is a "giving back." Give back to the community, give back to the school and new players through scholarships and mentoring programs. Michael is proud to be a member of the original 1971 T.C. Williams "Titans”.

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