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1971 Varsity Football Highlights

The following highlights were taken from game films of the 1971 season. Unfortunately, only a few game films remain intact or usable.  The best highlights were taken from what was available.  Please do not write asking for more highlights or more on a certain player, etc.  If more highlights become available they will be posted. TC players are in white jerseys in all the highlights. (Videos are coming)

T. C. Williams vs Yorktown
Second game of the regular season

  1. Frankie Glasco takes the inside handoff of the triple option play and bounces outside for big yardage, followed by Henry Castro taking the handoff inside. (Link toYrktwn1)
  2. Gerry Bertier throws the running back for a loss.  (Yrktwn 2)
  3. Brad Smith catches a slant pass.  (Yrktwn 3)
  4. Frankie Glasco scores on a delayed draw play.  (Yrktwn 4)
  5. Lew Lastic brakes up the play and Wayne Hilton throws the back for a loss (Yrktwn 5)
  6. Gary Nichols runs down the Quarterback. (Yrktwn 6)
  7. Earl Cook makes the Interception (Yrktwn 7)
  8. Ron Bass throws a deep pass to Brad Smith (Yrktwn 8)
  9. Steve Billingsley catches a pass deep down the sideline (Yrktwn 9)
  10. Frankie Glasco picks up good yardage on the screen pass and then scores on the option (Yrktwn 10)
  11. Brad Smith makes a great one handed catch over the middle (Yrktwn 11)
  12. Frankie Glasco scores on the veer option. (Yrktwn 12)

T. C. Williams vs Annandale
First Playoff Game (Regional)

  1. Ron Bass runs right for 15 yards, then left for the touchdown (Anndl 1)
  2. Annandale runs three straight defensive plays all for negative yardage (Anndl 2)
  3. Henry Castro runs for 20 yards on the veer option (Anndl 3)
  4. Julius Campbell sacks the Quarterback and stops the drive (Anndl 4)
  5. Julius Campbell stops the sweep (Anndl 5)
  6. Ron Bass scores the touchdown; Frankie Glasco scores the 2 point conversion (Anndl 6)
  7. Henry Clemmons runs back an interception for a touchdown (Anndl 7)
  8. Julius Campbell hits the running back just as he receives the pitchout from the Quarterback (Anndl 8)
  9. Rufus Littlejohn returns an interception 10 yards to the Annandale 22. (Anndl 9)
  10. Frankie takes the ball down inside the 5 (Anndl 10)
  11. Jerry Harris hands off to Collin Arrington for 45 yards (Anndl 11)

T. C. Williams vs Woodrow Wilson
Sectional Playoff Game
(Brief Highlights from a local Norfolk TV station)

  1. Henry Castro scores over the middle (Wwlsn 1)
  2. Four offensive plays in a drive; Frankie Glasco outside; Henry Castro inside; Frankie Glasco outside; Ron Bass outside (Wwlsn 2)

T. C. Williams vs Andrew Lewis
State Championship game
(Only a partial film, some segments missing)

  1. Rufus Littlejohn sacks the Quarterback (Andrwlws 1)
  2. Julius Campbell stops the sweep (Andrwlws 2)
  3. Frankie Glasco catches a pass deep down the sideline (Andrwlws 3)
  4. Henry Castro bursts up the middle for 25 yards (Andrwlws 4)
  5. Frankie Glasco takes the ball to the goal line (Andrwlws 5)
  6. Kirk Barker sacks the Quarterback (Andrwlws 6)
  7. LeeRoy Davis makes the interception (Andrwlws 7)
  8. Gerry Bertier runs the Quarterback out of the pocket and Silas Holmes throws him out-of-bounds for the loss (Andrwlws 8)
  9. Earl Cook makes the interception (Andrwlws 9)
  10. Warren Robinson picks up 16 yards on the pass over the middle(Andrwlws 10)
  11. Fred Alderson pulls and throws a crushing block, springing Frankie Glasco free for the score (Andrwlws 11)


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